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Related post: * To assess patients for possible complications related to anticoagulant therapy and ensure effective Hydroxyzine 25mg and safe therapy. * To provide education to patient and/or family members about anticoagulation therapy with specific attention to signs and symptoms to report. Procedure: 1. Physicians, Pharmacists, Dietitians, Registered Nurses will utilize the following Hydroxyzine 25 Mg resources available on ECRH intranet (files on the employee homepage under PHARMACY) to monitor patients on Anticoagulant therapy. A. Effective Anticoagulant Management B. Anticoagulant Therapy (Self Instructional Packet) C. Anticoagulant Program Expectations D. Anticoagulant Competency Quiz 2. Above referenced staff has to pass the Anticoagulant Quiz � results forwarded to Human Resources Development. 3. Medical staff will utilize Anticoagulant resources available on the intranet for Hydroxyzine 25 educational resources. 4. Physicians will order INR�s for Coumadin dosing and monitor platelets for Lovenox or Fragmin. 5. Lab will forward INR results to ECRH Pharmacy. 6. Pharmacists will contact MD if Anticoagulant dosing adjustments are needed secondary to INR/or platelets count. 7. Pharmacist will compile a monthly Anticoagulant report monthly and send to Clinical Director. 8. Pharmacy will notify dietary staff when patients are placed on Anticoagulant therapy via Food-Drug Interaction Reports. 9. Pharmacy, Dietary, Medical Services will provide discharge drug education. SECTION IV: CLINICAL SERVICES IV-1 PATIENT/CONSUMER AND FAMILY EDUCATION PROCEDURE General Guidelines The Pharmacist is to provide drug education to the patient/consumer and family. Gracewood Campus clients are provided drug education Hydroxyzine Mg primarily through the self-administration of medication program. At Augusta Campus patients are given drug information classes by the Clinical Pharmacist. These procedures are outlined in the Pharmacy Manual under the self-administration of medication and clinical pharmacy sections. The family will be Purchase Hydroxyzine provided drug education/information by the Pharmacy staff in two ways. The Unit Pharmacist will provide drug information leaflets as a part of the annual team �conference� process. The family will also be provided drug information sheets with pass medications and discharge when the patient/client leaves campus with their family members. The Nurse will provide education to family members via the drug leaflets whenever the patient/client leaves campus, with the family. The information sheets used are from the Facts and Comparisons, Patient Drug Facts program. They contain considerable information Order Hydroxyzine Online including: Type or class of drug; normal use; precautions or what to consider before using the drug; proper use of the drug including dietary considerations; instructions on how to correctly take the Cheap Hydroxyzine drug; what to do Buy Hydroxyzine Online if you miss Hydroxyzine Buy a dose; special precautions while taking the drug; possible side effects (both more Buy Hydroxyzine common and less common); and a discussion about those side effects that usually do not require medical attention. PROCEDURE PASS DRUG INFORMATION INITIATOR OF Purchase Hydroxyzine Online ACTION ACTION Family member Family calls to inform staff that they intend to take client/patient off campus. Social Worker, Team Leader, etc. Informs nurse that patient/client is to go off campus for specified time period. Nurse Notifies MD to obtain order for visit and pass medications. Physician Writes pass medication orders for client�s/patient�s visit with family. Dates and times for departure and return to must be specified on the order. Order must be Hydroxyzine Atarax complete with all information, including directions for administration for each medication ordered. All verbal orders must be signed with 24 hours. Pharmacy recommends nursing/medical staff to use the automation pass Generic Hydroxyzine medication/physician discharge reports. Nurse Sends order to Pharmacy for filling. Pharmacy Staff Fills vacation medications. Generates drug information �leaflets� from computer database. Sends pass/discharge medication and drug leaflets to Living Area/Unit. *Note: Drug information leaflets will be sent for any drug that is in the database. Some drugs may not be available in the database and therefore no information will be sent. Nurse 1. Reviews pass medications and drug leaflets prior to Patient�s/Client�s departure. 2. Gives pass medication and drug leaflets to Order Hydroxyzine family. Discusses medication administration and monitoring with family. Answers Families� questions about medication, etc. At Gracewood Campus: Documents on GSSH Forms 842, 843, and the 650-H. PROCEDURE DRUG �LEAFLETS� AT ANNUAL STAFFING INITIATOR OF ACTION ACTION Unit Pharmacist Prepares annual assessment for client. Generates and gathers drug information leaflets for medications client is currently taking. Sends drug leaflets with Pharmacist�s assessment to QMRP. 1. If family and Pharmacist both attend staffing: QMRP will bring drug leaflets to the staffing. Pharmacist reviews drug leaflets with family, answers questions from family members, and provides counseling concerning the proper use of the medications. Documents teaching on GSSH Form 843 (Teaching Flow Sheet) and 650-H. **Documentation on 650-H must include a complete list of the drug leaflets that are being supplied. 2. If Pharmacist does not attend staffing but the family does attend: Prior to staffing, Pharmacist gathers leaflets and sends to QMRP. Team Leader give leaflets to family. Physician or Nurse will answer questions from family members. Pharmacist documents on 650-H and GSSH Form 843 that leaflets are being provided to QMRP or designee (at time of assessment). MD or Nurse will document on 843 form that leaflets are being given to Family and whether or Buy Cheap Hydroxyzine not any further teaching has occurred. 3. If family does not attend staffing: Pharmacists Hydroxyzine Pam gather leaflets and gives them to QMRP to send with post-staffing package to family. Documents on GSSH Form 843 (Teaching Flow Sheet) and 650-H that Hydroxyzine Online drug leaflets Atarax Hydroxyzine are being sent. ***If Pharmacist does not attend staffing will document at time of Pharmacist assessment. If Pharmacist attends staffing will document at the staffing if entry not made when annual assessment is completed.
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